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An Informed Approach
The Company

NeX Step, Inc. is a small, privately-held company registered in the state of New Mexico, founded in 2009.   NeX Step, Inc. is a service that vastly simplifies how physicians and pharmacists prescribe medications to their patients that can increase the probability that a medication therapy will meet it’s target and substantially reduce the risk of an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).  The Rx Factor, and its divertive The Opioid Factor (specific to opioids), utilize a patient’s genetic profile (pharmacogenomic - PGx) to assist a prescribing physician or pharmacist with more precision information with respect to a treatment protocol.  This results in a more effective therapy while substantially reducing the probability of an ADR as a byproduct – thus reducing costs.

Industry Profile  

"90% Of Patients Have A Genetic Variation Affecting Their Response To A Medication."


"34% Of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) Are Caused By Drug Gene Interactions Rather Than Drug-Drug Interactions."

"18% Of The 4 Billion Prescriptions In The U.S.Have An Increased Probability Of Being Affected By Actionable Pharmacogenomics.

The Magic

The answers to many questions and concerns regarding the medical use of cannabis can be provided by pharmacogenetics. Knowledge based on proteins and molecules involved in the transport, action and metabolism of cannabinoids in the human organism leads us to predict candidate genes which variations are responsible for the presence of the therapeutic and side effects of medical cannabis and cannabinoid-based drugs.

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Our genes react to cannabis independently. How each gene individually functions, provides a different degree of impact on the brain. Collectively, they share a synergistic relationship affecting how each person responds.


Genes do not think about what constitutes positive or negative for our bodies. Genes do not care whether we are happy or unhappy. Our bodies are simply the environment that provides a means to an end for them.


The efficiency for each gene is defined in our DNA, which is unique to you (identical twins are the exception).

NeX Step, Inc has developed Dynamic PGx, which is an automated, real-time solution for avoiding CYP/drug and drug/drug conflicts.


Knowing the patient’s genetic profile and existing medication protocol, Dynamic PGx can instantly screen any proposed new medication among the 400+ most commonly prescribed medications. The analysis includes over-the-counter medicines, foods, nutrients, herbals, and recreational drugs for potential CYP/ drug or drug/drug conflicts.


NeX Step, Inc. is now also offering cannabis-specific genetic testing to patients to provide guidance when introducing medical THC or medical CBD into their medication protocol.

The cannabis test analyzes an extensive gene panel that considers both metabolic and receptor interfaces.


There is are a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs and health conditions to consider with cannabinoid medicine.


For example, there exists the probability that pharmaceuticals and cannabinoids, namely CBD, can compete for the same CYP metabolism.


Certain pharmaceuticals can inhibit or induce the normal functioning of a CYP, thus affecting how CBD is processed in the body. The reverse can also occur, where CBD can affect the normal operation of a CYP and thus interfere with achieving the therapeutic result expected of the prescribed pharmaceutical.


As an example, Clopidogrel (Plavix), a prodrug, interfaces with CYP2C19 for the activating enzyme; CBD inhibits CYP2C19's activation process of the critical enzyme.

Once the conflict analysis completes, the software matches the genetic guidelines for the type of recommended medical cannabis products to specific cannabis products available in the patient’s preferred dispensary.

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