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"90% Of Patients Have A Genetic Variation Affecting Their Response To A Medication."


"34% Of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) Are Caused By Drug-Gene Interactions Rather Than Drug-Drug Interactions."


"18% Of The 4 Billion Prescriptions In The U.S.  Have a High Probability of Being Affected By Actionable Pharmacogenomics."

The Company

NeX Step, Inc. is a small, privately-held company registered in the state of New Mexico, founded in 2009. NeX Step, Inc. offers a service, Dynamic PGx that vastly simplifies how physicians and pharmacists prescribe medications to their patients that can increase the probability that a medication therapy will meet its target and substantially reduce the risk of an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). Dynamic PGx and its derivative The Opioid Factor (specific to opioids), utilize a patient’s genetic profile (i.e. pharmacogenomics, or PGx) to assist a prescribing physician or pharmacist with more precision information with respect to a treatment protocol.  This results in a more effective therapy while substantially reducing the probability of an ADR as a byproduct – thus reducing costs.

Industry Profile  

Today most clinicians continue to use a trail and error approach to prescribing medications to their patients. We now know, however, that this uninformed approach is dangerous, even deadly.  There are 2 million serious ADRs yearly in the U.S.  ADRs are responsible for 100,000 deaths yearly.  ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death, ahead of AIDS, diabetes and automobile deaths.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that US$136 billion is spent annually on ADRs in the US.  That means that for every dollar spent on prescription drugs, an additional US$0.50 is spent on ADRs.

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